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Madame Woo
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(picture from diluvienne)

"You're probably passed out in an opium den or under a bucket of Songkran water somewhere." -- octal

"The closest thing you can get to a gay man in girl form." --Rob

"I didn't think you were in math. I thought you were in fashion design." -- partygoer

"University has failed you." -- professor

"[an] extreme gay vibe [...] radiates across of all of LJ due to this specific journal." -- Jessica

"Your true calling is to be a character in a French novel." -- Simon

I'm finishing up course work on a degree in mathematics, then I'm hoping to devote myself to more creative pursuits like making pornography and learning how to breakdance.

What about me? I currently live in a scenester-esque Plateau apartment in Montreal with my overachieving computer programmer friend who has no time to do his own dishes (which is where I come in). I grocery shop for expensive imported cheeses, attend ipod battles wearing glitter eyeliner and check out hot boys at the gym. Before this, I attended Canada's finest nerd university. Before THAT, I lived in Bangkok and devoted my life to clubbing with Thai gay prostitutes and eating papaya salad, not necessarily in that order.

My friends say boys are too intimidated to hit on me, but it is not impossible that I am hideously unattractive and no one has had the guts to tell me yet.
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